Associated Recreation Council, Seattle


ARC Central Staff

Executive Director

Bill Keller (email)

Deputy Director

Christina Arcidy (email)

Executive Assistant

Naho Shioya (email)


Sonia Doughty, Director of Development (email)

Rachel Sorrels, Development Assistant (email)


Katherine Ichinoe, Marketing Specialist (email)

Regina Lum-Witkoske, Marketing Coordinator (email)

Brenda Little, Production Assistant (email)

Sam Shockley, Production Assistant (email)

Human Resources

Farhana Satti, Human Resources Director (email)

Rich Dashner, Human Resources Generalist (email)

Mark Mekenas, Human Resources Specialist (email)

Taryn Dorsey, Training Specialist (email)

Deborah Barnes, Training & Development Manager (email)

Pat Oligmueller, Human Resources Recruiter (email)

Elizabeth Sto Domingo, Diversity Recruiting Manager (email)

Maria Valencia, Recruiting Assistant (email)


Sharon Mauze, Accounting Director (email)

Julie Chen, Payroll Specialist (email)

Karen Demeter, Accounts Payable (email)

Tamara Shtern, Accounting Supervisor/Lead Accountant (email)

Khalid Ahmed, Accounting Assistant (email)


Toby Addington, Director of Field Operations (email)

Amanda Hashagen, Field Supervisor (email)

Desiree Squires, Field Supervisor (email)

Dustin Drake, Interim Field Supervisor (email)

Heather Harman, Field Supervisor - Preschool (email)

Jessica Giordano, Field Supervisor (email)

Katie Rehani, Field Supervisor (email)

Kevin Robinson, Field Supervisor (email)

Molly Pencke, Field Supervisor (email)

Nate Moxley, Field Supervisor (email)

Susan Lee, Field Supervisor (email)

Jenifer Bales, Field Supervisor - Special Populations (email)

Abby Maclean, Early Learning Program Manager (email)