Keep our Kids Safe and Having Fun this School Year

Seattle Parks and Recreation, with their nonprofit partner Associated Recreation Council, is offering much-needed child care for 500 kids ages 3 to 12 at 19 locations across Seattle this school year. We’re so excited to help our first responder, essential worker, and scholarship families keep working, knowing their children are in a safe, healthy and enriching environment from 8 am to 5 pm each school day.

The cost of child care, in these COVID-19 times, is much higher than usual. That’s due to the need for more staff with less students per classroom, and the high cost of safety equipment and supplies. Because we want to keep child care as affordable for families as possible, this means there’s a gap between the fee we’re charging families and what it truly costs us to keep the kids in our care safe, healthy and happy.

So we’re inviting the generous and caring employees at f5 to help us eliminate that gap. Below are ways to help. Make a one-time purchase or support kids for the whole school year with a weekly or monthly purchase. Your entire donation is tax-deductible through Associated Recreation Council.