Advocacy Guidance for Advisory Councils

ARC, and its Advisory Councils, have a unique relationship with the City of Seattle, defined by City Ordinance No. 122588 and outlined in the Master Services Agreement between ARC and SPR. This relationship's nature limits how an Advisory Council can engage in political advocacy.

In June of 2021, the Cedar River Group completed an 18-month advocacy project to assess and develop recommendations for the Advisory Council system. Their work led to advocacy guidelines that councils can use to support equitable and inclusive recreation for Seattle residents. 

ARC will work collaboratively with the ACs within these limitations to lift community voices in support of equitable, dynamic, culturally relevant, and responsive recreation, childcare, and lifelong learning programs. At the same time, all individuals, whether volunteers on Advisory Councils, the ARC Board of Directors, or ARC staff, are free, in their own time, to engage in advocacy as long as it is clear that they are acting as an individual.

Example language: “I serve as a volunteer member of the ___________Advisory Council and care deeply about my community but am here today acting in my personal capacity as an individual resident of Seattle.”

ARC Contacts

Executive Director: Jackie Jainga Hyllseth, [email protected]

Board of Directors President: Justin Umagat, [email protected]

Advisory Council Manager: Sebastian Wilson, [email protected]

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