School age children playing on the jungle gym at a playground

ARC Equity Statement

ARC strives to become an anti-racist organization that dismantles oppressive policies and processes and co-creates liberating systems that are equitable and culturally relevant. We are working to create and foster a welcoming and inclusive environment where our diverse, and dedicated caring staff, board, and advisory council members commit to the personal and professional journey of becoming anti-racist. On this journey, we are utilizing Equity in the Center: Awake, to Woke, to Work as our foundational framework, while centering three guiding principles: Race, Equity and Social Justice, Trauma Informed Care, and Youth Program Quality Improvement.

RESJ Glossary

When engaging in dialogue about race, gender, sexual orientation, and other aspects of identity, many people struggle with finding the right words to share their thoughts. We developed this simple guide to serve as a foundation for deeper conversations. Although the language here is a starting point, we believe honest communication involves a willingness to make mistakes and learn from them, rather than stay silent in an effort to avoid conflict.

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that ARC operates in Seattle and is gathered on the traditional land and waters of all Coast Salish peoples who have lived and cared for this land since time immemorial. We express gratitude and respect for their enduring relationship with this land and their continued contributions to our community. We also recognize the ongoing impact of colonization and dispossession of Indigenous land and culture and commit to learning more about their history. As we gather here today, let us honor the past and present First People of Seattle people of this land and support their ongoing struggle for justice and self-determination.

“Land acknowledgement is a traditional custom dating back centuries for many Native communities and nations.  For non-Indigenous communities, land acknowledgement is a powerful way of showing respect and honoring the Indigenous Peoples of the land on which we work and live.  Acknowledgment is a simple way of resisting the erasure of Indigenous histories and working towards honoring and inviting the truth.” 

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