Fundraising Guidance and Policy

ARC’s Advisory Councils (ACs) can raise funds for their recreation facilities and programs in partnership with ARC, a nonprofit organization, that otherwise might not be available to Seattle Parks and Recreation, as a government entity.

ACs are required to notify the ARC Development Director as outlined in the Fundraising Guidance, regarding their intent to apply for a grant, solicit donations or request corporate sponsorship. This notification includes the following steps:

1. Contact ARC in writing by completing the appropriate form as provided in the Fundraising Guidance document.  Clearly state your intent to apply for particular grant funds or solicit a particular donor or corporate sponsor.

Grant Inquiry Form: Please fill this out if you would like to pursue a grant for your campaign, whether you know what grant you want or not.
Event Sponsorship Request Form: Please fill this out if you have an event that could benefit from financial sponsorship.
Request an Online Donation Form: Please fill this out if your Advisory Council needs an online donation form for fundraising purposes.
General Fundraising Inquiry Form: For all other donation matters that do not fall into the above categories.

2. For site-based in-kind donation plans, contacting the ARC Development Department by filling out the General Inquiry Form is required, describing the need, request and timing of the plan is required.

3. Submit a project plan for your fundraising activity to SPR Recreation Manager for approval. If the request includes funding for a capital improvement project (CIP), the Capital Improvements Project Planning form must be used for this step. CIP requests must be submitted to SPR Planning and Development no later than June for the following budget year.  Submit approved project plan to ARC Executive Director.

4. This process and approval can be embedded in the annual budget process; if not steps 1 through 4 must be followed.

Check out the Fundraising Policy and Fundraising Guidance documents below before starting your fundraising efforts.