Jefferson Community Center Mock Trial

The Jefferson Community Center Mock Trial Team is the only non-high school affiliated team in Washington State, and the only such team to present a case at the annual YMCA Mock Trial Competition, three of the last four years. 


Mock Trial is a program that allows students to learn about our legal system by researching case law and arguing legal issues. Teams compete around the state in drama-filled courtroom performances that are rated by real judges and lawyers.

The Mock Trial program at Jefferson Community Center aims to familiarize all team members with the law system and their rights as a citizen. Students receive community service hours for each practice they attend. The Jefferson Community Center team is coached by Seattle Parks Recreation Leader Jean Lee. It is the only team in King County not associated with a school.

The team is made up of 15 diverse students who come from six lower socio-economic Seattle high schools. These youth, many of whom take public transportation to get to practice, elect to participate in this valuable law preparation program as a means of enriching their academic lives.

In past years, the program has supported two teams, with a total of 30 participants.  Jefferson Community Center’s Mock Trial Team made it through district competitions and then to state competition three of the last five years.

Become a Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Jefferson Community Center Mock Trial Team, contact Sonia Doughty by emailing: [email protected], or call 206-465-2580.

Thank you to our 2021 sponsor: