"Fund The Fun" - 2019 content created by Ikeda/Vanderburg for Assoiated Recreation Council.

Who We Are

The Associated Recreation Council (ARC), in partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation, serves Seattle by offering a variety of recreational and lifelong learning programs, classes and activities.

ARC, incorporated in 1975 as an independent nonprofit organization, supports this work through the ARC Board of Directors and a system of 36 advisory councils. Citizen volunteers on the board and advisory councils help to enhance the mission and vision of Parks by providing a connection to the community and advocating for the success of citywide recreation services.

ARC is committed to remaining sensitive and responsive to the communities we serve. This is reflected in the way we design our programs and hire and train our staff. We have established an Equity Team to foster organization-wide awareness for race and social justice values through effective communication, idea sharing, consensus building and collective action.

Our Vision

Bringing together all people to build a healthy community.

Our Mission

Inspire engagement and participation in equitable, dynamic, culturally relevant, and responsive recreation and lifelong learning programs.

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ARC and its 36 advisory councils raise support through fundraising events, grants and generous contributions from dedicated individuals and businesses throughout our community. These funds allow us to offer program scholarships and improve service delivery, ensuring equitable access to high quality programming for all Seattle residents.

Our Values

Equitable Access:

Access to equitable, dynamic, culturally relevant, and responsive recreation and lifelong learning opportunities for all.


A fair, safe, and welcoming environment where people have a sense of belonging and opportunities to come together to recreate, socialize, and learn.

Community Engagement and Participation:

An engaged community makes our neighborhoods healthier places to live, work, and play.


Integrity and transparency of decisions affecting programs, finance, and people.

Mutual Respect:

Interaction between community and dedicated, diverse caring staff and volunteers based on mutual respect.

Commitment to Race and Social Justice:

By recognizing the dignity of each individual and by reducing the barriers of systemic oppression, we are committed to equity, fairness, impartiality, and social justice.


Master Services Agreement

Read more about the Master Services Agreement that outlines our partnership with Seattle Parks & Recreation.

Master Services Agreement